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ANRIV s.r.l.

storage and distribution of hazardous and non hazardous goods

ANRIV s.r.l.

storage and distribution of hazardous and non hazardous goods

ANRIV s.r.l.

storage and distribution of hazardous and non hazardous goods

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The structure and its function

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Gestione ordini

Order management

The technology of the logistic system

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Transport service

The final phase (not to be underestimated)

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Transport by road of hazardous goods

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Our philosophy

We always work by planning our activities and analyzing all the risks involved in order to constantly improve our service level, to strengthen our abilities in safety at the workplace and, for the environment, to minimize our impact. 

To reach our goals, we are committed to:

  • enforce applicable legislation (i.e. ADR rules, Legislative Decree 105/2015);
  • meet customers' needs and expectations in terms of competitiveness, reliability and on time deliveries;
  • carefully select carriers and, more broadly, suppliers, through checks and periodical assessments of their performances, encouraging them to develop best practices and provide optimal services;
  • identify, in collaboration with our employees, the areas of risk related to the activities carried out on site, with the aim of minimizing incidents, accidents and professional diseases;
  • invest in training and continuous professionalization of our personnel;
  • ensure the protection of goods while stored and transported by external events, thefts, damages or vandalism;
  • prioritize the protection of the surrounding environment in our everyday actions, also with the adoption of working methods which help minimizing toxic/energetic dispersion;
  • encourage all employees and third parties to maintain environmental-friendly behaviour, orienting part of our internal training to this scope.

We embrace and support CSR principles and we abide by all universally recognized human rights; we avoid any kind of discrimination, we condemn child labor and we guarantee freedom of association. We contest any kind of abuse and corruption, conflict of interest and anti-competitive practices.  


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