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A little bit of history

Anriv S.r.l. Yesterday

In the 1950s our parents/grandparents establish a freight transport company, therefore planting the seed of logistics in our family.

At the end of the 1970s we become Anriv S.r.l (a limited liability company) and we begin our activities with warehousing and domestic transport of chemical products which, in the '90s, gradually turns into warehousing and transport of dangerous chemical goods and becomes our specialty.

In the 2000s we work hard to affirm ourselves as a point of reference in this sector on the domestic territory, and we do so also through advanced IT systems.

Since 2010 we have enlarged our business doing warehousing and transport activities with seeds for agriculture.

Our company is run by our family and its leadership is exclusively feminine.

Some important dates...

1978 Anriv S.r.l.'s establishment

1981 building of the first warehouse, on the actual site, Via G. Monari, 5, Ferrara

1995 restructuring of the warehouse for the storage of dangerous chemical goods

2000 expansion of the company and building of a second warehouse for the storage of dangerous chemical goods, next to the first warehouse

2017 ongoing anti-seismic restructuring and structural adaptation of the whole site

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