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Our storage methods

Anriv is composed of two adjacent warehouses, amounting approximately to 9.000 sq. mt. of indoor area, for an overall area of 18.000 sq. mt., completely fenced and protected by an anti-intrusion system. 
All access to the site is possible through two video-controlled gates with a timer for their closing. The yards for loading and unloading are paved and the wind shields used to repair the goods in transit help us to work in safe and protected areas.

The entire site is authorized for the storage of dangerous chemical goods according to Legislative Decree 105/2015 ("Seveso III").

Both warehouses are internally divided into 9 areas which are compartmentalized by walls and doors certified fire resistant and furthermore they are equipped with anti-seismic shelves (except for one area, not shelved and exclusively dedicated to ground storage), for a comprehensive storage space of about 10.000 pallets.

Find out all the information related to Anriv's security here.

The integration between the structural aspects of the warehouse, our expertise and technologies allow us to offer high quality logistics, in every phase:

  • Managing of incoming goods: unloading of the vehicles, quali-quantitative check on goods and documents check-in;
  • Storage: identification of incoming goods with barcode at the time of unloading through an IT system with radiofrequency, and consequent storage. The allocation criterion is based on the specific needs of each client (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, per lot, etc.);
  • Picking: operations of picking from mixed pallets, controlled by the radiofrequency system, preparation of outbound goods and placement in shipping bays, quali-quantitative check on goods and loading of the vehicles;
    Periodical check of storage locations and data crossing with clients for inventory purposes. Check of the amount of dangerous goods stored, according to Legislative Decree 105/2015.   
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