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Order Management

Our IT system

The connection between our storage and transport services happens in our office.

We believe in high quality communication as a principle for a performing logistics; therefore, we collaborate with specialized IT technicians to flexibly respond to every need. In particular, we are able to interconnect our systems with the most widespread business software in use at our clients’. For reciprocal safety and security and for business continuity reasons, we constantly grant backups and IT as well as physical data storage.


All warehouse operating flows are mapped by the IT system and coordinated with all the inputs coming from the outside. Each step of the handling of goods, broadly, is matched with an IT movement:

  • Product identification through barcode which includes all the master data related to it (batch, ADR class, level of danger, etc.);
  • Physical allocation of the product according to the instructions that, based on the previous information, are generated by the system;
  • Receipt of customers orders’ and launch of launch of related picking missions via radio frequency system;
  • Goods preparation and subsequent update of the warehouse’s inventory for that product;
  • Easy inventory management following specific criteria for each customer;
  • Quick management of returns or withdrawals.


Also transport-related activities are facilitated thanks to IT instruments which help a more prompt response of our personnel to external requirements:

  • Creation of transport documents and other bills of loading;
  • Traceability of deliveries and communication with drivers through palmtops and mobile phones;
  • Back-office activities and customer care support.
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